Ash Gilliam

Ash Gilliam

Director of Quality

Located in the Austin and San Antonio region, and serving as RO’s Director of Quality, Ash Gilliam implements the lessons and knowledge gained working in the field during the beginning of his career to ensure quality on RO projects. After earning a Construction Engineering degree from Texas Tech University, Gilliam immediately joined the RO family, where he worked his way up to his current role through hard work and long hours.

His favorite part about working at RO? He states, “Hands down, we have the best people!” When he’s not working, you can catch him on the water with his wife and twin kids.

Hometown: Hondo, Texas

Summed up in three words: dedicated, loyal, honest

#1 on Ash's bucket list: travel to Scotland and Ireland

Most unusual thing on Ash's desk: antique piece of rebar

Superpower of choice: flying

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