Ross Daly

Ross Daly

Director of Safety

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, with a thick accent to prove it, Ross Daly has been instrumental in the development and innovation of RO’s safety program. He is a member of the Board of Certified Safety professionals (BCSP). He is passionate about ensuring the safety of RO’s employees and its valued trade partners. He strives to continuously improve company processes as it grows, and aims to keep RO ahead of the curve.

Daly enjoys spending time outside when the Texas heat allows. He loves to golf, cycle and hike, as well as travel with his wife and three kids.

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Summed up in three words: hardworking, empathetic, father

Favorite hobby: DIY and custom build project

Favorite cereal: Wheetabix

Superpower of choice: time travel

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