Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Strategic Advisor

Paul applies the wisdom gained through 40 years in the construction industry, managing $4 billion in construction to reinforcing Rogers-O’Brien's zero-defects culture. His leadership methods to assure success include incorporating project-based risk assessments and ongoing leadership training with a focus on prevention, institutionalizing lessons learned and maintaining clear open lines of communication. Paul also mentors employees on leadership development skills and serves on the operations council, providing strategic direction for the company. He holds bachelor’s degrees in construction engineering and distributed studies from Iowa State University.

Paul has invested heavily in the industry and the community, having served on the board of Associated General Contractors (DFW chapter), SMU College of Engineering Advisory Board, Iowa State University Construction Industry Advisory Council and board of the Construction Specifications Institute Foundation. He is married to Nancy and has two adult children.

Hometown: Ottumwa, Iowa

Summed up in three words: deliberative, analytical, responsible

Favorite hobby: hiking

Favorite food: beef tenderloin

Top bucket list item: visiting many of our national parks

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