LifePath Systems Center

LifePath Systems Center

McKinney, Texas

Architect: Beck Group

Owner: LifePath Systems

Rogers-O'Brien, in collaboration with The Beck Group (Architect), embarks on an inaugural project in McKinney, Texas. LifePath Systems (Owner) is thrilled to have its vision brought to life in the construction of this innovative multi-use campus. Situated on an expansive 11.5-acre tract, this project represents a significant step forward in addressing the mental health needs of the North Texas community.

The LifePath Systems Project encompasses the construction of a cutting-edge campus designed to cater to diverse mental health needs. Spanning across 110,000 square feet, the facility will house a range of services aimed at providing comprehensive care and support to individuals in crisis. The campus will feature a 65,000-square-foot office space alongside a 45,000-square-foot Crisis Center, offering a variety of services tailored to different levels of care. The Crisis Respite Center (CRU) will provide outpatient stays of up to two weeks, while the Extended Observation Unit (EOU) will offer emergency psychiatric care, both voluntary and involuntary, with stays limited to 48 hours maximum. Additionally, the campus will house the Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority offices, further expanding its reach and impact within the community. From jail and law enforcement diversion services to intensive behavioral health programs, the facility will provide holistic support to promote recovery and well-being.

Together, we are committed to realizing the vision of a modern, integrated campus that fosters wellness and recovery. Having broken ground in June 2023, the LifePath Systems Project is on track for completion in the summer of 2025. As construction progresses, we remain committed to delivering a facility that meets the highest standards of quality and safety and reflects the values and aspirations of LifePath Systems and the community it serves.

The LifePath Systems Project represents a transformative endeavor aimed at revolutionizing mental healthcare in McKinney, TX, and beyond. We are laying the foundation for a brighter, more resilient future through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to compassion. 

110,000 TOTAL SF

Project Details

  • 65,000 SF OFFICE SPACE
Space to Heal