AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare


Architect: O'Brien Architects

Owner: Billingsley Company


AMN Healthcare's Dallas office, covering 86,000 square feet, redefines workplace excellence by prioritizing adaptability for the future, enhancing the well-being of its occupants, and committing to eco-friendly practices. This office space is a testament to innovation, featuring areas enriched with natural elements and flexible furnishings to boost employee contentment and spark creativity. It is a space where technology meets versatility, offering a mix of communal and secluded spots that nurture a vibrant community ethos.

The project integrates abundant natural lighting, eco-conscious materials, and diverse seating arrangements to support various preferences and ways of working. The office includes easily adjustable partitions, a striking three-story live moss wall, and thoughtfully positioned relaxation zones to foster a connection with nature and encourage interactions across teams, building a strong sense of community.

By emphasizing adaptability, staff well-being, and a bond with nature, AMN Healthcare's Dallas office meets its team's practical needs while elevating productivity and overall happiness. This space serves as a beacon for the future of office environments, where the focus is on the health of the workforce and sustainable methods.

Project Details

90,000 SF

Space to Heal