Rogers-O'Brien Construction leads the way as the first general contractor to introduce Safeguard® for enhanced worker safety to reduce heat-related injuries.


[AUSTIN, TEXAS, JUNE 7, 2023] Rogers-O'Brien Construction (RO), Texas’ Premier Builder, is excited to announce the launch of a pilot program utilizing SafeGuard®, a Safety-as-a-Service® platform for real-time health and safety risk assessment. Non-invasive wearables connected to SafeGuard continuously monitor personnel to prevent heat exhaustion on job sites, reducing the risk of related injuries. RO is the first general contractor to pilot this program alongside organizations such as Boeing, United States Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Department of Homeland Security.


SafeGuard combines wearable sensors with physiological and environmental monitoring, to predict and address potential safety issues before they pose a problem. With personalized alerting and intuitive data visualizations, the patented intelligent guardian software provides comprehensive workforce protection. When compatible sensors such as a Polar armband, Garmin watch, or Apple watch detect signs of overheating or concerning heart rates among workers, both the individual and their safety manager receive an alert advising them to take a break and hydrate. Recognizing that many laborers opt out of much-needed breaks, it becomes crucial to have safety managers step in when sensors pick up dangerous thresholds according to industry safety standards.


"We're pioneering a new era of worker safety," says Todd Wynne, Chief Innovation Officer. "SafeGuard technology empowers us to prevent heat-related risks and protect our employees like never before. As the first general contractor to adopt this game-changing solution, we're setting a precedent for the industry and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to sending everyone home each day."


SafeGuard focuses on health and safety monitoring without evaluating work performance or tracking breaks. The platform ensures data privacy and advanced security measures while complying with HIPAA standards.


With this pilot program deployed across three major jobsites in Texas, RO aims to significantly reduce heat-related risks in the construction industry, where 20 lives are lost annually due to heat exhaustion.* RO's commitment to employee safety ensures exceptional quality and service for clients. This groundbreaking investment showcases RO’s dedication to creating a safer work environment, benefiting employees and clients alike.


About SafeGuard: SafeGuard is the flagship product of Sentinel Occupational Safety, designed to provide real-time oversight of at-risk personnel and actionable warnings of potential health and safety issues before they escalate. SafeGuard’s personalized alerting and intuitive data visualizations provide comprehensive and proactive protection.



SafeGuard Pilot Program Press Release