VDC Specialist

As a VDC Specialist, you will train and support the team and partners in VDC and BIM applications. All in an effort to generate high quality BIM content and continually strive to find a better way!


Dallas, Texas

Experience Level


Employment Type

Full Time

Job Functions

Virtual Design & Construction

Education & Experience

·         Architectural, Engineering, or Computer Science bachelor's degree or higher.

·         2-3 years of relevant experience.

·         Demonstrated ability to manage, develop and collaborate with others.

·         Innovative and very technically proficient.



·         Generate and maintain high quality BIM content for project teams.

·         Provide technical support for staff on all BIM enabled projects.

·         Assist in modeling construction quality BIMs for project teams.

·         Assist in research and analysis of new VDC tools.

·         Assist in developing VDC workflows and implementing standards for the company.

·         Conduct regular training and presentation of VDC tools to staff.

·         Maintain knowledge of industry trends in VDC techniques and procedures.

·         Attend and participate at industry events promoting VDC technology.

·         Work in close cooperation with IT professionals to equip staff with proper hardware and software tools for projects.


People Management & Development

·         Train & mentor Assistant Specialists such that they consistently set the highest standard of experience for our partners and customers and are personally and professionally fulfilled by their work.

·         Create and seek out professional development opportunities for yourself & peers.

·         Communication

·         Share and exchange information and ideas with those who we collaborate with and support.

·         Translate the "I" in BIM through Model-Based Quantification, convey coordination issues, create visuals that tell the story of how RO plans to build through logistics and 4D schedules.

·         Contribute to the development of our preconstruction & operations partners through training of tools and workflows that contribute to the effectiveness of their goals.


·         Create deliverables that communicate information to/from the virtual world

·         Generate model content when there are gaps in our coordination efforts

·         Capture the physical world through laser scanning and photogrammetry, to help projects visualize, plan, and coordinate.


R&D Towards a Better Way

·         Identify new challenges and come up with ways to overcome those challenges with new processes and/or tools.

·         Seek opportunities to improve and achieve greater efficiency, stay current with times, overcome new challenges, or explore new ideas that move the needle in construction. Strive to provide "a better way" for ourselves, our peers, and our company.



·         Maintain BIM Guidelines and Standards and oversee their implementation on projects.

·         Must be capable of working with and supporting the IT staff during research, implementation, training, and support of technologies in which VDC and IT overlap.

·         Work in close cooperation with the Quality Department to deliver services that meet the needs of their projects.



·         Attend/speak at industry conferences and participate in webinars to highlight RO's successes and processes.

·         Partner closely with the Marketing team for co-marketing opportunities, like case studies with partners and customers.

·         Track data insights through the life of the project.


Leadership Attributes

·         Ownership and Attention to Detail - You are thorough and following through is personally important to you. If you are asked a question, you will work hard to find the correct answer.

·         Empathetic - You can put yourself in others' shoes to understand their experience from their perspective.

·         Good Listener - You seek to understand first before being understood.

·         Good Communicator - You have a knack for succinctly explaining complex issues and knowing when someone "gets it" or not. You are an exacting writer and can communicate equally well over email or the phone.

·         Reliable - You do not mind getting into a 9-5 routine. You have a personal need to see projects through to the end.

·         Technical Aptitude - You know the answer or know how to Google your way to a solution.

·         Comfortable with Ambiguity - We work in a fast-paced environment that is continuously changing. The way forward is not always black and white, but we must decide to move forward and then adapt, as new information becomes available.

·         Team Player - When you have direction, you have no problem charging ahead, but you also aren't afraid to raise your hand if you encounter something that's over your head—no one knows everything, and we all have to support each other.

·         Passionate - You demonstrate enthusiasm towards an idea, proposal, or cause that helps drive it forward.


Technical Attributes

·         Understanding of the overall construction process and the roles of each key stakeholder.

·         Understanding of the duties of various departments within the company.

·         Possess general knowledge and competency of computer hardware and software

·         Possess expert-level knowledge of critical software applications (AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, etc.)



·         CM-BIM recommended (but not required)



·         Regional VDC Manager


Physical Requirements

·         Constant adequate range of motion and mobility required.

·         Regular sitting or standing, bending or stooping, and the ability to carry equipment and other such items as packaged material weighing up to 20 pounds

·         Frequent talking and the ability to express and exchange ideas by means of language

·         Regular hearing and the ability to perceive the nature of sounds

·         Regular near acuity with clarity of vision at 20 inches or less required

·         Constant ability to read, record or type data quickly and accurately required

·         Typical ability to collect and analyze numerical and written data and verbal information to reach logical conclusions and ability to determine the time, place and sequence of operations or actions required


Environmental/Working Conditions

·         50% office environment.

·         50% field environment (job site visits, etc.).

·         Ability to work under and handle stress in an appropriate manner required.

·         May be exposed to high, medium, or low noise intensity.

·         Constant contact with co-workers required.

·         This is a full-time position. Regular and punctual attendance is an essential function of the job.

·         Must be willing to travel if necessary.


·         Demonstrates proper performance of skills reflected and validated by the competency checklist.

·         Adheres to Rogers-O’Brien policies, procedures, all safety plans, and all standards imposed by regulatory organizations