HR Coordinator

The HR Coordinator’s responsibilities include Benefits, Onboarding of new employees, and maintenance of employment law compliance and general HR administration of Human Resources for Rogers-O'Brien Construction.


Dallas, Texas

Experience Level


Employment Type

Full Time

Job Functions

HR Coordinator




  • Assist Manager of Human Resources in developing ways to improve policies, procedures, and forms.
  • Coordinate LMS system to track and communicate employee training plans.
  • Maintain records for legal compliance:  HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA, and Notices to Employees, Form I-9, and EEO Forms.
  • Perform Internal Department Audits to ensure compliance.
  • Assist with the annual employee assessment program.
  • Assist with company-wide community service projects:  Blood Drives, Health Fair, 3-Day Team, Food Drive.
  • Provide open door policy for employees to come with issues, then direct or guide them to the next step. 
  • Assists in evaluating jobs, preparing job descriptions, conducting internal and external surveys to compile information, and analyzing information for reports and presentations.
  • Drafts, develops and processes memos, letters, reports, newsletters, forms, and other documents
  • Maintain personnel records and ensures file compliance with federal, state and local employment, benefit and regulation laws.
  • Prepare and maintain written records for controlling and reporting personnel data.
  • Assist in maintaining records for legal compliance:  HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA, Notices to Employees, Form I-9, EEO Form.
  • Assist in performing internal department audits to ensure compliance.
  • Assist in coordinating disputes with EEOC.
  • Assist with planning and collaboration across departments on the company orientation and onboarding experience.
  • Manage mentor program companywide.
  • Manage summer internship program and assigns champions.
  • Assist Vice President, OD with coordination of Leaders Group.


  • Assist with annual open enrollment periods.
  • Ensure accuracy of electronic process for benefits enrollment and maintenance of enrollment forms.
  • Complete monthly benefit reconciliations.
  • Communicate and aid employees with resolving medical claim issues
  • Schedule and coordinate annual flu shot clinics and biometric screenings
  • Collaborate and initiate wellness initiative with 3rd party vendor

Hiring and Onboarding

  • Administer the Pre-Hire screening process including drug screens, background checks, zero risk assessment and physicals.
  • Track the interview and the evaluation process of candidates. 
  • Track applicants in internal and external posted positions.
  • Complete all new hire reporting, as required by state law.
  • Conduct the orientation and onboarding process of hourly and salaried personnel, and set up all employees electronically, including distribution of documents.
  • Complete E-verify and I-9 documents.
  • Set up employee portal including audit of employee data
  • Manage and track surveys, including 90 day and annual employee surveys.

Learning and Development

  • Conduct needs assessments annually with department heads to identify and address employee learning and development needs (ADDIE)
  • Coordinate learning, ILL (instructor led learning), and SPL (self-paced learning) programs in conformity with company initiatives, strategic plans, and best practice process that meets individual employee content needs in such areas as leadership, business, process tools, employment law, compliance, and construction blocking and tackling.  
  • Coordinate the Mentoring program. 
  • Coordinate training session events including reservation of rooms, ordering of food and beverages. (ADDIE)

Search & Recruitment

  • Coordinate the search and recruiting process including managing search firms, job postings, applicant tracking, applicant responses, communication with hiring managers, tracking hiring rates.
  • Manage the applicant tracking system ensuring applicants are tracked and offered to the supervising mangers for potential hire
  • Manage the College Internship Program:
    • Coordinate with the regional managers for assignments.
    • Conduct the handoff for each team assigning the intern schedule with the Champion (s) on each team.
    • Maintain the intern feedback survey and ensure the feedback loop to the system.
    • Coordinate with the HR Manager extra-curricular events for the project teams with the recruits in each location.