A Message from the CEO


By Cameron Salter - Jun 22, 2020

RO Family, 

2019 was an exciting and impactful year for Rogers-O’Brien as we celebrated our 50th anniversary.  Reflecting on RO’s early years and comparing that to where we are today, I know it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of all of you, The Best People

I look forward to the upcoming years as we continue to establish ourselves as Texas’ Premier Builder. I’m privileged to be a part of an organization that is changing the landscape of Texas and having such a positive impact on our people, along with our clients, trade partners, design teams, and all those involved in these exciting projects. We continue to build on our strong reputation by providing excellence and expertise for our current customers, as well as developing strong relationships to identify future opportunities. Our work is transforming city blocks into spaces for those to live, work, shop, learn, worship, heal, and play. The list of accomplishments is extraordinary, and this is evident as you drive across the state of Texas and observe the structures that represent all of our hard work. Each one of our projects tells a story, and each of you should be proud of the role you play. 

As many of you know, in 1969, my grandfather, Pat O’Brien, started a construction company with his childhood friend, Steve Rogers. My father, Preston McAfee, built on that foundation. Their leadership was invaluable and I am honored to continue that legacy into the future. Like those before me, I fully recognize that our success in the past, and our continued success in the future, is because of the tireless efforts each of you puts forth every day. It is the collective effort of those in the field, and those of you who support them in our offices, that will continue our success. It is an honor to work with you.

We have had an incredible ride over the past 50 years and the best years lay ahead.

Justin McAfee, President & CEO

April 2020