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Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

VDC is the use of specialized tools and methodologies to plan, coordinate, manage, and execute the construction process. One of the tools we use is Building Information Modeling or BIM. BIM software allows us to create a virtual building in our office before we get to the field. An ideal VDC process combines models (or BIMs) from all of our different design and construction partners.

Benefits of VDC

Great projects are built by people with great experience. VDC gives Rogers-O’Brien the experience of building a project twice. The first time we use a computer, the second time we use steel and concrete. Our goal is to find and correct potential challenges in the office rather than in the field, saving our owners valuable time and money.

In addition to being more efficient during construction, VDC also improves efficiency in the design and preconstruction phases. Time and energy can be saved by having a central repository for project information (like a combined building information model). Estimators can use a BIM to automatically quantify things like doors and windows. Plumbers can route pipes around obstacles virtually, allowing them to prefabricate assemblies in the shop rather than the field.

VDC Solutions

Through the resources of our Department of Virtual Design & Construction, we are capable of receiving, creating, and modifying Building Information Models (BIMs) in all major industry standard formats. We utilize various software platforms, including Autodesk Revit & Navisworks, to facilitate:

  • Building Visualizations and Walkthroughs
  • Model-based Estimating
  • Spatial Coordination
  • Visual Scheduling (4D)
  • Logistics & Site Planning
  • Pre-fabrication
  • Virtual Field Coordination & Building Layout

Meet our VDC Team