Successful Project Planning

Rogers-O’Brien has formalized an approach to team building called Successful Project Planning (SPP).  SPP seeks to balance process, results and relationships to better align the entire project team around a set of mutually agreed upon goals and values.

To get all key project team members thinking with a preventative mindset, focused on solving problems before the fact, prior to construction start-up, Ken Dunham, Rogers-O’Brien Vice President facilitates a SPP workshop covering these five key topics:

  • Fostering collaboration
  • Decision-making
  • Process agreements and team expectations
  • Potential roadblocks and preventions
  • Action plan

When the project is 50 percent complete, the same group reconvenes to grade each other’s performance on items in the statement of agreement developed during the workshop. Successful Project Planning enables project teams to more readily meet schedule, budget and quality requirements while fostering solid working relationships.

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