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TI Optics Relocation

Rogers-O’Brien completed the Raytheon TI Optics Relocation project for Raytheon TI Systems. The facility was remodeled and updated to facilitate the optics relocation. It consisted of demolition and renovation and a Waste Treatment Facility. This very intensive mechanical project also included a Class 100 Clean Room, Administration Areas, Labs and Manufacturing facilities.  An existing four-story Raytheon facility shares the optics parking, fire lane, and truck delivery route. Constant coordination was required to ensure that their daily operations were not disrupted. The client required four-phase occupancy of the building in order to reduce downtime during the relocation.  Due to the extensive mechanical and plumbing requirements, the existing structure could not support the loads imposed by the new piping and air handler units. Independent structural steel support systems were installed for pipe racks and rooftop air handler units.

TI Separation

Rogers-O’Brien completed the Raytheon TI Separation project, which including separating the mechanical, electrical, and acid duct work between Texas Instrument areas of the building and moving to Raytheon areas of the building. Work included construction of one new clean room, disassembling and reconfiguring multiple cubicle space and furniture.

FPA Divestiture

Rogers-O’Brien completed the FPA Divestiture Project for Raytheon TI Systems. The facilities were remodeled to relocate a newly divested division, FPA Technologies, of Raytheon TI Systems within the existing buildings. The project required moving and consolidating the entire operational facilities of FPA Technologies within Raytheon’s Semiconductor and Research West buildings to provide own entries, security and utilities.  This fast-track project included demolition of existing space. New construction included industrial labs, office areas and clean rooms. Extremely intensive MEP work was required including complete separation of the building’s electrical, exhaust, liquid nitrogen and industrial drainage systems.

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