Up, Up and Away

By Sam Bosell 11 Nov 2013
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If you were in attendance at the Texas Society of Architects (TxA) convention in Fort Worth last week, you may have noticed Rogers-O’Brien’s four-blade helicopter (quadrocopter) buzzing around the Expo Hall. Quadrocopter technology is the fastest growing development in radio controlled vertical lift platforms. They are able to take off vertically, hover in-place, and fly in all directions.  Equipped with a high-definition digital camera,  RO’s quadrocopter is used in the field to inspect exterior wall conditions after removal of scaffolding (remedial inspection of flashing sealants waterproofing), documentation of field conditions and in responses to RFI’s. Additionally, aerial views of the jobsite are used for logistics and planning purposes, to document chronological timeline of activities and  finally for jobsite safety. Truth be told however, we are all kids at heart and sometimes we just want to have fun!

On another note, Dallas Architect, Bruce Bernbaum, AIA with Bunbaum-Magadini Architects is the lucky winner of the DJI- Ready to fly Phantom quadrocopter that was  raffled off by RO last Saturday  at the TxA convention.

Click here for more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFZ4lcnalE0