St. Stephens' Continued Award-Winning Excellence

By Sam Bosell 04 Feb 2013
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Rogers-O’Brien is proud to announce that the St. Stephens Wycliff-Freeman Dorm and Faculty Residences received an AGC Outstanding Construction Award (Building 3 Category) and an ABC Eagle Excellence in Construction Award (Institutional $5-$10M Category). Blending the creative vision of architect Andersson-Wise with the unique spirit of the existing campus into a seamless transition of functional space, hilltop views and hundred year old oaks, St. Stephen’s faithfully exercises its commitment to be “careful stewards” of the land by consistently following principals of environmental sustainability in all that it does. RO exceeded owner expectations on this architecturally unique, structurally complex and environmentally friendly project, bringing it on-time and under budget. Congratulations to the Project Team for continued excellence at the St. Stephens Episcopal School campus!